What is your return policy?

We pay close attention to the details of every item we post, and let you know in the description if they are marked as-is. If you receive your item and there is something we missed, we accept returns within 7 days of delivery. If you receive your item and it doesn't fit like you hoped, feel free to ship it back and we can put the credit on your account!


How do I pick up my items during quarantine?

Our quarantine pick-up hours are Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please send us an email, message us on social media, or call a store to see which location we are at that week! All you have to do is give us a call, give us your name and the item you purchased, and we'll grab it for ya! Can't make those hours? Let us know and we will arrange for a custom pick-up time.


How long does it take for my item to be shipped?

Items will be shipped within two business days.


 Can I use my store credit?

Yes! Send an email to labels.bellingham@gmail.com with your first name, last name, and account number (if you know it!) You will receive an email from us once your account is enabled. We will be updating accounts during weekdays. Email us with any questions!


How do I set up my account using Consignor Login?

1) Send an email to labels.bellingham@gmail.com with your first name, last name, and account number (if you know it).
2) As we receive emails, we will update accounts with current email addresses and enable the consignor login to your account.
3)The first time you want to use your credit, you will have to sign up and reset your password. To do so, sign in using your email address as the username AND password. After you login, you will be emailed a reset code to change your password. Once you reset your password, you’re good to go! Your username will still be your email address.
4)We recommend logging into the Consignor Login tab on the menu bar and getting your account set up before you want to make a purchase.

To set up your account online, click here to sign up.


 How do I start an account?

If you are interested in consigning with us, feel free to read over our contract and learn more about our consignment process 


I haven't received any notification that my order is ready to pick up.

Once your order is fulfilled we send out an email (or text if no email is provided) letting you know your order is ready to pick up. It's possible this may have ended up in your junk folder. Still not seeing anything? Contact us and we can verify your order is ready. 



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